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Welcome to World Tai Chi Day - The Woodlands

Join the tens of thousands of tai chi practitioners throughout the world as we celebrate tai chi. The Woodlands Recreation Center (WRC) and Tai Chi Martial Arts (TCMA) will be hosting the 16th Annual World Tai Chi and Qigong Tai Chi Festival.

For over a decade WTCQD has also facilitated a spectacular unprecedented annual global health education event that has captured the world's imagination. WTCQD's annual event is both moving and inspiring, as people from over 70 nations in hundreds of cities, and all 50 US States, come together to wrap the world, in a global Tai Chi and Qigong movement.

WTCQD primary mission is personal and global health & healing. We work toward this goal by educating millions of the emerging medical research on Tai Chi and Qigong, explaining the nuances of Tai Chi & Qigong in plain language, and connecting people with local teachers